Stump Removal

Suburban Tree Service - Stump Removal

Whenever a tree is removed a stump is left behind. There are some instances when the entire tree, including the stump is removed. However, this is usually at an additional cost. If you have acquired a home with a stump on the property or several stumps and you want them removed, give us a call at Suburban Tree Services and we’ll take care of it for you. Our experts are capable of effectively and safely removing your tree stump, usually the same day. It takes the right equipment for us to remove deep-rooted trees, which are typically older trees. We have the necessary tools and equipment needed to take care of it for you, no matter how old the tree is. When we remove a stump we remove everything. This includes our excavating, de-stumping, and removing the boles and root.

Getting Rid of All Your Stumps

It is less expensive to have all of the tree stumps removed at the same time. Why not allow our tree professionals to take care of this for you in one visit. If you are on a budget, this would especially be something for you to consider. We’re able to come to an agreement on the pricing based on your budget. We’ll offer you a written quote that we will gladly honor. There are those who will avoid getting the stumps removed because they fear that it will simply cost them too much money to do. We assure you that we are happy to work within your budget to remove the stumps in your yard, no matter how many there are. If you want your entire lawn back or you fear he possibility of an infestation forming in the tree stump, give us a call and let us remove it right away.

Grinding Your Tree Stump

If you are having any type of landscaping performed then it would benefit you to let us grind the stump once we remove it. This allows you to use the chips in your landscaping. Since we use the most up-to-date grinder we provide a much smoother and easier stump removal method. Based on the type of tree you have, this will determine how the stump in grinded. There is usually enough to use for other landscaping projects left over.

Why Work With a Professional Tree Service

Any time you need work performed to a tree it is best to work with a tree care expert. This is because they know more about trees than anyone. A tree arborists studies trees and therefore they are best suited for addressing any of your tree care needs, including the removal of a stump. They will offer you insight into what the stump can be used for and whether or not the stump should just be trashed. You tend to receive more value for the money when you work with a professional tree care service, such as Suburban Trees Services. We listen to you and offer you quick and efficient results!