Tree Fertilization

Suburban Tree Service - Tree Fertilization

Proper fertilization is essential to helping prevent trees from becoming diseased or infested with pests. If you are unfamiliar with the fertilization of trees then call on the experts of Suburban Tree Services to take care of it for you. When your trees begin to look tired, it may be due to a soil deficiency. If you have trees that are pale green, isn’t growing as quickly as it should, a good fertilization program may be able to stimulate its growth. Our professional tree arborists are usually able to produce these results with the correct type of fertilization. Allow us to bring your trees back to life. You may think that your tree needs fertilization when really something else is needed. There are some that do not require fertilization, especially those trees that are older. We don’t usually fertilize them annually like we would most other trees.

Common Nutrient Problems

One of the most common nutrient problems that we find with trees is high pH soils (alkaline). This often results in a chronic deficiency in certain tree species, which includes the red maple. Another common tree nutrient issue that we find is nitrogen-deficient soils. Essential to plant nutrients is Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). We can’t forget to mention how important potassium (K) is too. At Suburban Tree Services we pay close attention to these types of known deficiency and more. Unfortunately, these are not issues that the average person would be keenly aware of, which is why they should only depend on the services of a professional tree arborist.

When and How Trees Should Be Fertilized

When necessary, the best time of the year to have your trees fertilized is in late April or the early part of May. Some should even be fertilized in late fall. When we apply a fertilizer, we will spread it evenly over the surface of the soil. We typically apply at least 3 pounds per 1,000 square feet of nitrogen to the soil. The amount applied to the tree is based on the amount of space the around the root of the tree. The tree roots extend beyond the branches and this is why the area around the root of the tree needs to be fertilized. There are many details about fertilizing trees that are not common knowledge. These are the details that only someone who has studied trees would be keenly aware of. Attempting to take care of your tree fertilization yourself could be futile.

Why Rely on Suburban Tree Services

Our tree arborist will pay strict attention to the details of every job they do. They realize that every job is different. Therefore the fertilization process will be different for each type of tree that they are asked to assist with the fertilization of. We always make a thorough assessment before a fertilization plan is recommended. Let us work with you to provide your trees with all the nutrients that they will need to continue to thrive. We also offer log hauling service.