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    With a population of more than 28,000 out of which 75% live in their own homes, Perry Hall, Maryland is one of those communities where everyone wants to have a tree lined front and backyard. Summers here are warm and muggy while winters are cold and windy, not the perfect weather for weak trees that have dead branches overhanging properties and utility lines. If you are one of those businesses or homes that have hazardous trees and swaying and threatening to break at any time of day or you have a yard with stumps sticking out all over, its time you looked for an affordable tree service near you.

    Who We Are
    Well, we are a team of highly trained and experienced professionals in tree removal and disease management. Between us, we have decades of ‘boots-on-the-ground’ field experience connecting with real homeowners going through real challenges with tree management in Perry Hall. Our services are customized to respond to the unique needs of homes and businesses here.
    Just to give you a look and feel of the services we offer, below is a brief on brief on each of them, highlighting what we do and the value we create and deliver to you.

    Suburban Tree Service - Tree Removal

    Tree Removal

    Our tree removal experts are keen to deliver the best tree removal service that will ensure your landscape regains its aesthetics. The techniques we use for tree cutting are industry approved and effective. We don’t just settle for basic results, we always strive to stand out in our service delivery. Our technicians observe work health and safety regulations in all tasks and job sites.

    Unlike other tree removal companies, our policy with regards to workplace safety is clear. We all know how dangerous tree removal can be, to prevent liabilities falling on your shoulders, we have insured our workers. Therefore as they rev up the chainsaws and scale those tall trees, be at ease because it is all taken care of.

    Whether you want to remove your trees because of utility lines or they are aged or diseased, just get online and look for tree removal service near me, we are always on standby to help even in emergency situations.

    Suburban Tree Service - Tree Pruning and Trimming

    Tree Pruning and Trimming

    Why would you be motivated to prune or trim your trees in Perry Hall? Well, reasons abound and you have every right to make your trees presentable. With effective trimming and pruning, your trees will have the best shape and appearance which adds to your yard aesthetics.
    If you have tree with dead or diseased branches, you should think about tree pruning to prevent the hazards and unnecessary risks. We have a tree doctor who assesses the trees to be pruned before our technicians go ahead. This ensures that the health of trees is not compromised and that the trimming works to the advantage of the trees instead of their disadvantage.

    During pruning, we can use can of the following techniques depending on the need at hand:
    • Crown Thinning – As a best practice, we never prune more than 25% of the existing crown. Lateral branches are evenly spread out by our crew and any overlapping branches are pruned.
    • Crown Raising –In most of the crown raising projects we undertake, the primary reason is to clear the way for pedestrians. Trees with their crowns raised appear much neater and healthy. Again, our tree surgeon inspects the tree to see if it is necessary to have it pruned.
    • Crown Reduction-In case our customers want to remove over 30% of the foliage, we recommend removing entire branches.

    “We had no way of getting the logs off the property and every place we called gave us a ridiculous rate. We finally called Suburban Tree Services and were offered a reasonable rate that we could afford.” – Tim P.

    Stump Removal

    When a tree in Perry Hall is felled, the owner may decide to have the stump removed immediately or left in the ground for a while. Our stamp removal services can kick in from any angle. If you have stubborn tree stumps sticking out throughout your yard, you need experienced supple removal specialists. We employ a variety of techniques such as:

    • Digging up the stump using a shovel and cutting the roots with saws and axes
    • Grinding the stump, using our heavy duty grinding machine; these machines weigh about 1000 pound each and when they impose their weight on the stump, they literally reduce it to small particles.
    • Using eco-friendly and environmentally approved chemicals like potassium nitrate to kill the stump and

    As a matter of policy and professionalism, we don’t prefer burning the stumps as this pollutes the environment and kills essential organisms residing in the surrounding soils.

    To help us determine the techniques to use, we first asses the stump to be removed, the tree it belongs to and other factors such as the age and the size of the tree. For instance, pine tree stump tend to be much simpler to remove than stumps of deciduous tree. This all has to do with the root structure; wide, flat and shallow roots vis-à-vis long, deep tap roots.

    Suburban Tree Service - Stump Removal

    Tree Pest and Disease Management

    One of the many reasons that someone will contact a tree care service is because they want to be sure that their trees is in good condition. If their trees are not as beautiful as they used to be then chances are they have a tree that is diseased. When our tree arborist inspects your tree, they are capable of determining exactly what is wrong with it and treat the problem immediately.

    Suburban Tree Service - Tree Pest and Disease Management

    "I just couldn’t figure out why my trees were no longer thriving so I contacted Suburban Tree Services to see if they could tell me why. They not only told me why I was experiencing a problem but they resolved it for me. Now my trees are thriving again!” – Lauren L.

    Tree Fertilization

    There is no doubt every home and business desires the best for the trees surrounding them. However, growing larger, living, longer and looking better should not be left to nature’s contribution only, you need to get involved as well. One of the best boost you can give your trees is fertilization. This refills the surrounding soil with the essential nutrients that your tree can absorb with ease. Some of the telltale signs our tree surgeon looks for in fertilization candidates include:

    Twig growth that’s shorter than the average
    Fewer and undersized leaves
    Branches and tips dying
    Darkening of leaf veins and margins
    Leaf coloration that is anything but dark green
    We have the right fertilization solutions that deliver just the nutrients that you tree needs for healthy growth. Fertilization may defer depending on the type of fertilizer you are applying. However with our Perry Hall tree fertilization specialists, you don’t have to worry about the details, we have all that figured out for you.

    Suburban Tree Service - Tree Fertilization

    Tree Disease and Pest Management

    At Perry Hall tree removal, we use an integrated approach to managing pests and diseases leaving your plants healthy. We have an arborist who can help you in carrying out baseline and periodic assessments of your trees in Perry Hall to determine infections well in advance.

    We carefully consider the pests and diseases in question, their hosts, the economic and ecological consequences and other factors before deciding on the approach to use. We are that careful and mindful about your trees and shrubs.

    We invite you to get in touch with us today! There is no stump removal, tree removal or pest management projects that is like the other, they are all unique and requires customized approaches. Let us do the job for you as you concentrate on other more important tasks.

    “When it was time to have our pool installed, we also had to have the stumps in our lawn removed. We contacted this company and they removed them for us in no time. In fact, they removed all three at the same time. I highly recommend their services. They offer effective work at affordable prices.” – Larry W.

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    Providing you with effective and affordable tree care services is always at the forefront of all that we do. This is why you are assured of the job being done right. We don’t waste time getting you the help that you need, as we only offer the most efficient tree care services in the area. We guarantee your satisfaction.