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    Lutherville –Timonium is a lovely little bedroom community just north of Towson. It is home to a combined population of more than 16,000, covering an area measuring 7.5 square miles. Most of the people here live in their own homes others working within the community thanks to the many companies that either are headquartered or have branches here.

    One of the beautiful aspects of the communities here is the love for large, mature trees. Any tree that would do well in mild climates would certainly grow in the comfortable Lutherville -Timonium climate. Whether it is along major roads such as York or Ridgely Road orin landscapes on smaller streets, trees provide such a serene environment, calming the soul. That being said, tree need to be cared for if they are to grow healthy and live long. This is where Suburban Tree Service comes in.

    Trees just like other living organisms are organized into species each having its own unique characteristics. Take for instance the White Oak, Maryland state tree, its health depends on factors such as the local soil type, microclimate, precipitation, and weather variations. It takes the keen eye of an arborist to know the best mix of factors that would nature the tree of your choice here.

    Our tree care services are developed out of existing and projected needs of both homeowners and businesses. When other tree service companies in Baltimore, MD focus on affordability, we invest in and prioritize value creation for our customers. The tree services we offer in Lutherville –Timonium include...

    Tree Removal

    If you have a diseased tree on your property or one that is unwanted, we can help you with the removal process. We all know how dangerous and risky DIY tree removal can be; properties have been destroyed, people injured and others killed. You don’t have to take chances, let our trained professionals scale the heights and endure the brattling chainsaws as you concentrate on what you do best which could be relaxing with your family.

    If you live in this beautiful community and wondering how you get in touch a reliable, and affordable tree service company, simple search ‘tree removal near me’ and you’ll see our company pop up on your search results.

    We work in close consultation with Forest Conservancy District Board for Baltimore County to ensure we comply with all tree removal regulations. Where a permit is needed, we shall help you obtain it.

    Our tree removal experts are experienced in handling all sorts of equipment including gas and electric chainsaws. Other equipment we use depending on the circumstance include ladders, wedges, axes and ropes for pulling down sections of trees. We also offer log hauling services just in case you want all wood debris removed and disposed of safely elsewhere.

    Suburban Tree Service - Tree Removal

    Tree Cutting

    We offer this service to homeowners and businesses that want their tree limbs and branches to be completely removed leaving their trees bare. There are many reasons behind this and whatever the motive of our clients, we are always there to support them.

    In the event you are not sure whether it is tree cutting or removal you need, we assign you a tree surgeon to talk you through before we sign the contract and move in. We consider a lot of factors when planning tree cutting. This ensures we do a clean job with no costly errors and damages. For instance:

    • We assess the height of the tree to determine the direction of fall
    • We clear the fall zone of any debris and things that could be damaged
    • We determine where to cut the V-shaped notch
    • Any safety precautions are also planned well in advance

    Tree Trimming and Pruning

    One of the common tree maintenance procedures we do in homes and businesses around Lutherville –Timonium is tree pruning. We advise our customers to ensure their trees are regularly assessed for pruning and trimming to minimize cases of:

    • Dead branches falling
    • Diseased branches infecting other limbs and tree parts
    • Trees growing out of form and disrupting harmony in yards

    We have a professional who assesses the trees scheduled to be pruned to ensure proper trimming. Some tree removal companies that disregard the duty of care end up inflicting lasting damage on trees and shortening their lifespan through improper pruning techniques. Don’t be a victim, look for tree removal service near me and let our experts handle your pruning project.


    Tree Fertilization

    Do you live in Lutherville –Timonium and looking for a tree fertilization solution to maintain your shrubs and trees in a healthy, vigorous condition? Well, we have the answer! Our tree fertilization program has proven shown proven results in helping trees here to develop resistance to injury from insects and diseases.

    Our tree doctor understands the different tree fertilization scenarios, when to fertilize and the trees to target. For instance newly planted specimen and trees with sever root damage are normally left out of our fertilization programs.

    The fertilizing solutions we use contain crucial nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to help plug tree nutritional deficiencies.

    In addition, we also offer tree disease and pest management solutions for residents and business owners in Lutherville –Timonium.

    Reach out to us today and benefit from the guidance of our expert tree surgeon and technicians who have decades of combined industry experience in tree removal, pruning, stump removal, tree fertilization and pest management.

    “We had no way of getting the logs off the property and every place we called gave us a ridiculous rate. We finally called Suburban Tree Services and were offered a reasonable rate that we could afford.” – Tim P.

    Stump Removal

    Stumps that stick out on your yard are not only a safety hazard but also an eyesore. After tree cutting, the next task is to ensure all stumps are removed from the ground and not just cut to the level of the yard.

    Compared to tree removal stump removal is a little tougher and requires a combination of tact and experience. Our tree stump removal specialists can help you dig up and uproot the extensive network of root systems using a variety of techniques.

    • Digging out the stump using shovels loppers and root saws
    • Stump grinding –We have powerful stump grinders that can pulverize to a depth of about one foot.
    • Chemical stump removal- We only use eco-friendly and FDA- approved chemicals for this process.

    Irrespective of how deep the root system is, our stump removal technicians will that sorted within the agreed-upon time.

    Suburban Tree Service - Tree Removal

    "I just couldn’t figure out why my trees were no longer thriving so I contacted Suburban Tree Services to see if they could tell me why. They not only told me why I was experiencing a problem but they resolved it for me. Now my trees are thriving again!” – Lauren L.

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    Providing you with effective and affordable tree care services is always at the forefront of all that we do. This is why you are assured of the job being done right. We don’t waste time getting you the help that you need, as we only offer the most efficient tree care services in the area. We guarantee your satisfaction.

    “When it was time to have our pool installed, we also had to have the stumps in our lawn removed. We contacted this company and they removed them for us in no time. In fact, they removed all three at the same time. I highly recommend their services. They offer effective work at affordable prices.” – Larry W.